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AVS Video Editor Refunds

Every purchase of AVS Video Editor includes a limited money-back guarantee. If you find the software to be incompatible with your computer, accidentally purchase the software a second time or continuosly get errors with no known cause you can get your money back within certain period of time. Simply send an email to the makers of the software including screenshots of the errors. If your reason for a refund is valid you should receive a refund fairly quickly during normal business days. However, you cannot get a refund simply because you want your money back. The reason why this is so is because once the software is installed on your computer, there is no way for the makers to prevent you from using it. The only customers who are entitled to a refund are those with valid excuses. Please contact the makers of AVS Video Editor for more information about their refund policy.

Disclaimer: We are not the makers of the AVS Video Editor software. Please contact the makers of this software or visit their website to learn about their latest refund policy.

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