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Posting videos on YouTube can be a fun and rewarding experience. If you post quality videos and successfully attract a following, YouTube will actually pay you a percentage of the advertising revenue that your videos generate. The top earners make over $100,000 a year, but typically most people make a few hundred bucks a month. Not bad for doing something that you would otherwise do for free!

So which videos attract the most visitors? While there is no simple answer to this question, I have compiled a list of some of the most popular types of videos that are posted on YouTube. Most of these videos can be created by anybody. You can use AVS Video Editor to create every type of video on this list.

Unboxing Videos

If you order lots of products online there's a simple way to start creating YouTube videos. All you have to do is film yourself receiving the package in the mail and unboxing it. You don't even have to include yourself in the video. Most of the unboxing videos that I've watched don't reveal the person who's filming it. Some don't even have the person talking. These videos are perfect for people who want to maintain their privacy but still receive lots of viewers.

Most of the unboxing videos that I've seen are for electronics. The reason why so many people watch these videos is because they want to know how the product is packaged and what it looks like when taken out of the box. Others watch them because they just purchased the same product and anticipation is building up. Watching other people unboxing the same product helps ease the pain during the long wait.

Review Videos

Review videos are quite common on Ebay and many receive lots of views. These are often watched by people who are shopping around for a product or service and are in need of a good solid review. The best reviews include the pros and cons of the product or service. If all you mention are the pros, many people will perceive your review as biased or phony.

There are a few ways to create a review video. The easiest way is to film your video like you would an unboxing video. For example, if you just purchased a new computer you can film your computer where it stands. Pull out your camera and go over the features that you like and don't like. You don't even have to include yourself in the video if you don't want to. That's the simple way.

If you're reviewing an online service you can use the screen recorder that comes with AVS Video Editor. You'll also need a good solid microphone. Open your browser, set the area that you want to record and click on the record button. Go over the pros and cons of the online service and you're done.

You can also film yourself standing next to the product. Put the product on a table and film yourself going over the various features that it offers. This is the preferred method of most professional YouTube reviewers. You don't necessarily need any fancy equipment to create these types of reviews. If you sound like you know what you're talking about most people will listen to what you have to say.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos show people how to perform a certain task. The simplest kind of tutorial can be created using the screen recorder that AVS provides you with. For example, you can create a video that shows people how to setup a website, how post videos on YouTube or how to sell on Ebay.

You can also create a tutorial where you film yourself telling somebody how to do something. If you know how to install a new power supply or RAM chips into your computer, you can film yourself doing this. You don't necessarily have to be in the video. Some of the videos that I recently watched that tell you how to install a power supply didn't include the person filming (except their arms and hands).

Demonstration Videos

Demostration videos show people how well a product performs. For example, if you just purchased a new scooter, you can create videos of yourself riding the scooter around the block. If you just purchased a new acne treatment you can film yourself before the application and film yourself 3 months later. You can also use images of yourself and describe the dramatic transformation in the background.

If you're a girl who has a keen interest in various makeup brands, you can film yourself demonstrating how well your favorite makeup products work. This could also fall under the category of a tutorial since you're showing people how to properly apply them. These types videos have become very popular on YouTube.

Expression Videos

If you're an extremely opinionated person or have things in your personal life that you would like to share with others, then creating what I call an "expression" video could be perfect for you. All you have to do is get in front of your web cam and tell others what you're thinking. Many of these videos cover topics such as dating, relationships, problems, losses, advice and other things that can help people in their personal lives.

Some people create these types of videos as a sort of "video diary". For example, you can film yourself telling people what you've done so far this week and what you plan on doing later on this week. There are lots of people who find these types of videos interesting because they want to compare your life to their own.

News Videos

You don't need a news channel setting to create a video that covers current news events. All you have to do is create a video with your screen recorder or film yourself talking about the latest news. The more detailed and opinionated you are, the more likely you are to build a substantial following. People love to hear the opinions of others during a major event.

Other people, however, prefer to create something a little more professional. For example, you can film yourself sitting behind a desk reading the news like a major news anchor. Others like to create a setting that resembles that of a national radio talkshow host. You're don't necessarily have to be extremely professional to get started.

Gaming Videos

Creating gaming videos with commentary in the background is one of the easiest ways to create a YouTube channel. All you have to do is record your PC gameplay using the screen recorder that comes with this software and speak into a microphone while it's happening.

The people who usually succeed at this are those who are really good at popular games and who can have fun with their commentary. Making people laugh or sharing things about your personal life will help you build a relationship with your followers. The more personal you get, the more likely people are to subscribe to your YouTube channel and like your videos. 

Tour Videos

If you go on a lot of vacations or tour around the world you can film your trips and post them on YouTube. Many tourists like to watch these videos to decide where their next vacation spot should be. Some people like to watch these videos to remember past trips. And many of your visitors will actually be people who live in the area that you filmed.

You don't necessarily have to go on vacation to create a tour video. If your current residence is a popular vacation spot you can create videos where you tour all of the popular attractions. Since most of your videos will be filmed while you're moving, the stabilization tool that comes with AVS Video Editor should come in handy.

Family Videos

You can also create home videos of your family having a cookout in the park, hanging out next to the pool, going to the beach and so on. These types of videos remind people of current and past events in their own lives which is why they can generate a lot of traffic.

Besides your family you can also film yourself hanging out with your friends. If you like to ride dirt bikes you can film these events while they're happening. Many dirt bike enthusiasts will probably enjoy your videos and will ask questions about the types of dirt bikes you use and how you learned to do certain tricks.

Bizarre Videos

The videos that people are more likely to talk about are bizarre videos. Some people call them viral videos. These are videos that are usually funny or involve something very unusual. For example, I was watching a video of a Siberian Husky saying "I Love You" to its owner. A couple months after I watched that video, they mentioned the video on the Today Show. Apparently it had gone viral and everybody was talking about it.

One example of a bizarre video that I could have posted on YouTube involves a Siberian Husky that our family used to own. About a year after we got our dog we also brought home a kitten. For some odd reason the kitten thought that the Husky was its mother and started playing with it. It would bite the Husky's ears and our Husky was terrified of this little cat. I didn't have a video camera on me when this event occured but I wish I had.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

In order to film these types of videos, all you need is a decent video recorder, a microphone that records decent sound and AVS Video Editor

Most digital cameras of today are capable of recording video. The latest ones are capable of recording video in 720p and 1080p HD. Many cell phones are also capable of recording video. No matter which device you use make sure it records in HD. Nobody enjoys watching a poor video recording.

As far as the microphone goes, I wouldn't suggest spending more than $20. The best microphone that I've come across in this price range is actually a headset microphone called the Yapster by a company called TekNMotion. This microphone is available on Amazon.com for less than $20. The microphone is capable of recording crystal-clear sound and seems to do a great job at not picking up outside noises.

Filming your gameplay is fairly simple as long as you play your games on your PC. Simply open up the screen recorder that comes with AVS Video editor and set it to record the area where the game is displayed. Set the software to record audio from your microphone and speak while you're playing.

Please note that people with slower PCs won't be able to do this. You must be able to record your videos at a minimum of 30 FPS (frames per second). Some of the older PCs aren't capable of making screen recordings at this rate. However, you will be able to render your videos with AVS Video Editor. It just takes a little longer with a slower PC.

Since you're on this website you probably already know that I'm going to recommend AVS Video Editor. In my opinion, this is the best video editor for beginners who are just getting started. It contains all the features you need and isn't very complicated. And unlike most other video editors, it doesn't require the fastest PC to work properly. I'm using this software on a 7 year old XP computer and it works perfectly.

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